Cozumel April 2007

Before (502kb) After (357kb) Barracuda (463kb) Greenery (447kb)
Fish on a reef (521kb) The Glow (240kb) It aint easy being green (546kb) Lobster & UFO (482kb)
Moray! (459kb) Me (370kb) Karen (403kb) Lots of Fish (459kb)
Columbia Shallow (477kb) Columbia Shallow 2 (359kb) Spider (807kb) Squid (416kb)
Toady (313kb) Turtle (3,592kb) Santa Rosa Wall (282kb) MST3000 fans will get this (190kb)

Click here for Santa Rosa Wall Swim Through (12MB)Video.
The first part is kind of dark but it lightens up as
we get closer to the opening.
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